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Unlock Personal & Organizational


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Organizational Agility starts
with Personal Agility - One
Mindset at a Time. Agile
employees and teams create
greater cumulative value
over time by ideating and
effectively implementing
new approaches to process,
service and products.

Identify and execute
new ideas and

Motivate others and
influence innovation

Becoming an Agile Organization requires Agile employees and teams. Personal Agility training teaches people new ways to Think, Act and React to become more innovative, flexible and productive in a business environment.


Agility is the capacity to recognize, create and exploit opportunities in a
changing environment. Research shows that these skills can be developed
through strategic training programs. The Unlocking Personal Agility® program helps companies foster innovation and put ideas into practice for long-term success.




Staying the same means falling behind in today’s disruptive climate.
Despite this, people and organizations tend to stick with the status quo;
people are hard-wired to resist change. But as technology evolves and
global competition increases the need for new ideas and processes has
never been greater. Research shows that Agile Organizations outperform
the competition, including:

• Grow revenue faster
• Higher profits
• More engaged employees


Become a more Agile Organization

TRACOM’s Social Intelligence programs are easy to deploy and have a measurable impact


TRACOM’s groundbreaking Agility IDEA Model® incorporates key concepts from design thinking and other areas of innovation. But it goes beyond creativity to include strategies that influence, motivate and better execute ideas. The four components are:
• Investigate
• Design
• Energize
• Apply


• Better initiators of change
• More innovative
• Enhanced entrepreneurial skills
• Higher anticipation of future challenges


“I believe it’s a time when you need to rethink almost everything in your strategy, leadership and branding—to very significantly reinvent yourselves. It’s a greaty opportunity for all companies, including Accenture.”
— Pierre Nanterme, Accenture Chairman and


• Multi-Rater Agility Assessment & Report
• Model developed for worldwide relevance
• Based on the latest neuroscience
• Actionable and practical strategies


Our clients include individuals and organizations ranging across a spectrum of industries, business types and sizes, and worldwide locations from global fortune 100 companies to boutique consultancies to schools and universities.

Organizational Agility has been taught on five continents to 1000’s of professionals to improve innovation and change effectiveness.

“The corporate playbook is being rewritten and replaced by one that takes business agility to a level we have never seen before.”
— Lynne Doughtie, U.S. Chairman and CEO of KPMG


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