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Develop Emotional Intelligence



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Behavioral EQ IS...


Behavioral EQ is the ability to recognize the impact that emotions have on our own behavior and

the behavior of others. Using this understanding creates stronger and more productive relationships.


Being aware of





emotions into



When it comes to workplace success, Emotional Intelligence has been shown to be just as important as IQ, education and work experience. TRACOM’s Behavioral EQ® training provides the Emotional Intelligence skills needed for today’s team and organizational leaders.



EQ skills do not come naturally to most people. Effectively managing

our emotions is challenging unless you’ve learned to understand

why these emotions occur and how to use them to your advantage.

EQ training takes this sensitive, complex topic and makes it

understandable with practical strategies for the daily workplace and

life situations we all face. It’s the science of productive relationships.




As jobs become more specialized and technology changes how we

work, relationships still form the foundation of success. Relationships

with customers, colleagues, team members or bosses shape our

performance. People with high EQ simply perform better. 

• More collaborative and less conflict

• Better at giving and receiving feedback

• More productive teams



TRACOM’s Behavioral EQ Model® is a 3rd generation approach to Emotional Intelligence. It distills earlier EQ models to focus on those emotional aspects and behavior with the most significant impact on workplace performance. The model provides detailed guidance around:

• Emotional Awareness

• Emotional Control

• Empathy

• Listening


• More collaborative

• Motivates employees consistently

• Enhanced corporate culture and engagement

• Better understanding of cultural differences


“As a leader, I think it’s important to make sure that you have a clear understanding of who you are and where you fall on the Emotional Intelligence spectrum.”

— Michelle Duncan, Director of L&D, Penn State Health



• Self-Perception or Multi-Rater Assessment

• Model developed for worldwide relevance

• Based on the latest neuroscience

• Actionable and practical strategies to boost EQ

• Available to deploy at any location


Our clients include individuals and organizations ranging across a spectrum of industries, business types and sizes, and worldwide locations from global fortune 100 companies to boutique consultancies to schools and universities.

Behavioral EQ has helped 1000’s of professionals to build more connected relationships through understanding of themselves and others.

“The strength of the model is the emotional paired with the behavioral element. This is what makes the difference in everyday interactions.”

— Wim De Vos, Old Mutual HR Business Partner

Become an Emotionally Intelligent Organization

TRACOM’s Social Intelligence programs are easy to deploy and have a measurable impact


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