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Resilience is the ability to
bounce forward in times
of adversity and to see
challenges as opportunities
for growth.


More accepting of


More engaged


Removing stress from the workplace and life is unrealistic, but improving the way people deal with and respond to change improves performance. TRACOM’s unique Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency Model® helps individuals and organizations bounce forward in times of change or stress.



People are hard-wired to fear change and view things with a negative
perspective. These feelings can be overwhelming and hurt productivity.
Resilience training helps people understand this negativity bias and
provides practical strategies for dealing with work and life in a more
objective, realistic way.




Resilience training prepares employees for the constantly changing
workplace. Research shows that Resilient people more productively:

• Respond to challenges and changes
• Bounce forward from adversity
• Perform more effectively in their jobs
• Are healthier and more engaged with their work



TRACOM has worked with hundreds of companies to develop a Resilience Mindset Model with meaningful and measurable components. The model and training includes frameworks and strategies for how people:

1) filter information
2) act and respond to challenges
3) interact successfully with others


• Enhanced influence on others during change
• More comfortable initiating change
• Better at helping others navigate change
• Consistently performs at a high level


“With the Resiliency assessment, we get our own internal perspective as well as outsider perspective. There’s an element of our optimism, our worldview—if we tend to be ‘glass is half empty’ or ‘glass is half full’ kind of folks.”
— Steve Harstaad, Business Growth Consultant



• Self-Perception or Multi-Rater Assessment
• Model developed for worldwide relevance
• Based on the latest neuroscience
• Actionable and practical strategies


Our clients include individuals and organizations ranging across a spectrum of industries, business types and sizes, and worldwide locations from global fortune 100 companies to boutique consultancies to schools and universities.

Adaptive Mindset for Resilience has improved the engagement, wellbeing and adaptability of 1000’s of professionals on 5 continents.

“Companies are committing to turning change into a competitive advantage. TRACOM’s Building a Resilient Mindset workshop provided our change professionals with a new set of tools for achieving positive change.”
— Sara Laykken, Executive Director, MNCMN

Become a More Resilient Organization

TRACOM’s Social Intelligence programs are easy to deploy and have a measurable impact


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