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Just a taste...

Those of you who have seen me work know what to expect - my energy levels, humor, practical exercises and down-to-earth approach.


Those of you I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting will want to see me in action before asking me to speak at your conference or letting me loose on your team. I'd want to do exactly the same.

Here are some video snippets (mostly under a minute) to give you a sense of my style and the energy you can expect from me, both in-person and virtually.

Or listen to some podcasts where I've been interviewed to find out a little more about me personally.

I've also attached a keynote I was truly honored to deliver for Cleveland Clinic Women’s Professional Staff Association on the topic of Hope for the 2020 Holiday Season (due to COVID, it was delivered via video).

All of this is just a taster - every audience, every organization and every day are different and tailor-made for you (and I wouldn't have it any other way).


Videos of Sarah Steele

Sarah Steele

Sarah Steele
Sarah Steele speaks about leading after COVID-19 pandemic
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Sarah Steele
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Sarah Steele Clip 1
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Sarah Steele clip 2
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Podcasts with Sarah Steele

Video Snippets
Sarah Steele Podcast Furloughed

[NOTE: Sarah joins the conversation at 7:10]

Join us as we talk to Sarah Steele and learn how she has adapted to living in both the UK and the US. Hear how she made the choice on where to be during the pandemic. You'll be amazed at her positive attitude and creative outlook in dealing with difficult situations.


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Keynotes by Sarah Steele


I was honored to have been asked to record a Message of Hope for a group of women physicians. My initial thought was, crikey (or something similar). A Message of Hope. For Doctors. In 2020.


But the more I thought about it, the more I found I wanted to say. Enjoy the video or you can read the transcript here.

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