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Virtual Learning

If you are curious about how virtual learning might work for you and how effective it truly is, I wanted to let you know that I have been training virtually since before Virtual Learning was even a thing - back when we didn't even use video and it was called a TeleClass. With clients who were in a different country to me, we had to make it work somehow. I will admit that I sometimes look back on the technology we had then and wonder how we managed.

With all of the latest platforms and tools, it is now even easier to create engaging, effective trainings that can be delivered in a virtual format.

I know how to adjust existing programs or build new ones, and the best way to deliver those programs to gain maximum engagement and impact in the virtual format.


Over the years, I've worked with many groups across multiple industries. Some of my virtual experience includes:

       Hosting multi-speaker virtual conferences for hundreds of participants

       Moderating Q&A panels


       Designing, developing and delivering six-month Leadership Development Programs


       Discrete one-time trainings for multi-national participants

       1-1 Leadership Coaching


The good news is that there are now more platforms to choose from than ever. The bad news is that there are so many platforms to choose from. It can be overwhelming and if you haven't used them before you may not be aware of their various pros and cons, which are also constantly changing as providers upgrade their systems (allegedly).


Because over the years I've used most systems out there, as well as a few in-house platforms, I can help you evaluate the best choice for you, depending on your own set of circumstances.


Whether it's using tools such as Zoom, Webex, GoTo, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Adobe Connect, Skype, or your own in-house system, we will work with you to make it happen.

Now is not the time to slow down on the learning journey. Now more than ever, there is more learning to do as we all adjust to our new ways of working, ways of leading and ways of being the best version of ourselves.

I'll be honest with you - there are certain situations where virtual is not going to be your best choice. But if face-to-face isn't a viable option for you, we will find a solution that gets as close as possible (and you'll very possibly be surprised at how well it really does work).

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