Combining skills and knowledge with humor to keep your event lively and engaging.

"You certainly got folk thinking differently on the subject of emotional intelligence and how it applies to their daily lives."

Diversified Electronics Industry

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Completely tailored to meet your needs, we go deeper than most to bring about lasting change.

"Sarah was fabulous! She was spot on with her comments and it's evident that her work experience enhances her training ability."

Director of Human Resources

Pharmaceutical Industry

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Psychometrics & Testing

I've worked with many of the available tools including DiSC, Social Style, Five Dysfunctions, Resilient Mindset, MBTI, Behavioral EQ and more.

If you know which you prefer, then great. If not, I'll help you choose the one that suits your budget, outcomes and team dynamics.

In today's world, virtual tools are often part of the solution. From 'live' webinars to pre-recorded autonomous learning courses, I've designed and delivered many.

I've worked with a lot of platforms and can advise on their various strengths. I'm happy to work with your own system if you already have one.


Working with your senior execs on an individual basis gives them the space to pause, reflect and adjust where necessary. 

"I'm delighted with the growth in my senior team. I now have a clearer succession plan."


Finance Industry

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Effecting change with least turmoil takes a clear, well though-out strategy. I'll help you design and deliver that plan.

"Thank you for working with us on this project and guiding us through a difficult situation."


Government Office

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Personal Mastery

Ready to make some changes? Kudos to you.

Whether it's coaching, our audio downloads or free resources, we can help.


You'd be surprised at some of the things I do to help my favorite clients. They don't fit under any neat heading - because that's real life.

Get in touch and if it's not something I can help with, the chances are I know someone who can. 

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